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Our expertise is to build an efficient and consistent business path for international companies that wish to start operating in Portugal/Spain to safely and successfully establish a local presence. We are able to assist these companies throughout their entire arrival process, from the market analysis to their installation and go-to-market strategy, pretty much acting as its local interface, a local subsidiary (local branch), if you will.



We build solid partnerships with our clients so that their objectives for the Portugal/Spain or Portuguese Language Countries markets can be reached in a fast and efficient way offering all the counseling needed and accelerating the complex corporate formalities that are so particular of UE system. On-site executive team’s responsibilities: operations management, business development and sales representation.



Since its foundation, in 1999, SIGI Portugal has been supporting international and local

 companies to successfully land and thrive in the local business environment, by offering

them time-tested expertise in management, successful go to market strategy and superior



At SIGI we bring the traditional and efficient consulting concept to a whole new level.

While competitors are still trying to find ways to move forward in the complex and ever

changing  European business ecosystem, to take guidance from an experienced and

proven partner such as SIGI will make a huge difference in the long run.


In the world’s current dynamic business environment, where “disrupt” and “break” seem to be the newest catchwords mottos that represent innovation and success, there’s a limited time frame to make the right moves. There are situations where companies potentially face more risk from moving slowly than moving too fast. To rely on a local and experienced partner may prove to be the right choice for fast and adequate decisions.


SIGI helps companies to craft the best strategy and we prepare the information for the decision how they will reach the new market—will it be through local distributors, sales agents, a joint venture partnership or with your own on-site sales team?



Attractive and Open Economy

- Better Location: Portugal has a strategic position to access
  key worldwide markets.

- Better Technology: Portugal is a Top Country in providing
  technological services.

- Better Infrastructures: Portugal is the 15th country in the world
  with better infrastructures.

  • Quality of roads: 4th best in the world.
  • Quality of port infrastructure: 25th best in the world.
  • Quality of air transport: 24th best in the world.

- Better Market:

  • Portugal is an open door to a market of 500 million people in Europe and more than 250 million-Portuguese speaking consumers.
  • Portugal is a member country of the EU sharing the common currency. Free trade, non-tariff barriers, free movement of labour and capital are among the main benefits.
  • Portugal is ranked 20th in the Enforcing Contracts Rank 2016.
  • Portugal is ranked 1st in the Trading Across Borders Rank 2016.


Portugal is not only a good country to invest but also a most desirable  place to live. A place to visit and enjoy.  You can find here a safe, environmentally responsible, with privileged nature, rich leisure and culture and with high quality healthcare facilities. Portugal is blessed by abundant sunlight and warm temperatures that, certainly, makes you feel motivated and productive - See more at: http://www.portugalglobal.pt


Portugal is a safe country with great  infrastructures and advanced communication systems. These are some of the reasons why many world leading companies are choosing Portugal to invest. But a country also defines itself by the talent of its people. Vasco da Gama shaped our history in the discoveries age. Today, and on a different level, Antonio Guterres  UN  Secretary-General and Cristiano Ronaldo, one of world’s top soccer players.


We build solid partnerships with our clients so that their objectives for the European market can be reached in a fast and efficient way, offering all the counseling needed and accelerating the complex corporate formalities that are so particular of our system.

Looking to do business in PORTUGAL/spain?

We act on several fronts, helping companies initiate operations in PORTUGAL, spain or Portuguese Language Countries (brazil, angola, mozambique etc.). WE understand the characteristics of theSE marketS.

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