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Agency for Iberian  countries (Portugal or Spain) offers several budget services, which are useful for the success of both the representation itself and the other partner companies. The scope of these services is also to expand and to allow a wider choice of opportunities in order to calibrate the costs in accordance with the objectives and the company budget. The services constitute an instrument to evaluate and select the most appropriate strategies, thus generating "customized contracts."


The philosophy is that to be a real "business partner" for the worldwide companies and to be able to evaluate the peculiarity of each company and to interpret its compatibility and its potential in the Iberian markets.


The companies will be introduced to the market through a strategy agreed from both the parts that allows to focus the attention on the objectives, avoiding useless losses of time and money, and to either start the operational business in a fast way or to consolidate the company presence in the Iberian market.


Invest in Portugal


We act also as a Business Promotion Agency for Portugal, we support companies from abroad and from a wide range of sectors in finding the ideal location in Portugal, so that they can be successful right from the moment they settle here.

Since 2005 we offer companies a wealth of services for all stages of setting up a business in the country, from the planning phase, throughout the search for and selection of a location, to implementation.

Even once companies are successfully settled, we continue to support them, such as during a planned expansion. Our advisors in this field are characterised by close cooperation and a bilateral exchange of information with the national economic promoters, as well as the implementation of joint projects.


Our Team are also the right people to contact for general issues to do with settlement policy. Benefit from the key advantages we offer you. Our service is confidential and individual. Our team is international and we are there for you locally, worldwide. Choose the ideal location. Choose Portugal and Invest in Portugal as the expert partner at your side.



PHONE: +351 22 464 7394

            +351 96 580 2504

ADRESS: R Coop Func Judiciais, 57 - 8 D

              4420-095 GDM - Portugal


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